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Midwest Tree Service Inc specializes in insect and disease control. Our certified and state licensed insect and disease eradicators are knowledgeable of the current insects and diseases in your area. Some of the known issues in Central and Southeast Iowa are:


            Gypsy Moth           Emerald Ash Borer           Asian Longhorned Beetle



      Bag worms     Thousand Cankers Disease        Needle Cast Disease


All procedures and methods are above standard in quality and attention to detail. Treatment options are discussed with our customers and are given a FREE Itemized Written Estimate.


Fertilization is essential to proper growth and health of your trees and shrubs. Larger plants and trees in their natural habitat get rich nutrients from leaves and other vegetation that has decomposed. Trees and shrubs that grow on a property that is regularly manicured need the same nutrients  but receive it through fertilization.


Midwest Tree Service Inc. provides professional fertilization programs designed specifically for the needs of your trees and shrubs. Our fertilizers can be applied through foliar application and soil treatments. There are many factors that determine what kind of fertilization treatments your plants are given. Plant size, age, weather conditions, and surrounding vegetation are all taken into consideration when determining the best possible treatment program for your trees and shrubs. Every fertilization treatment is administered by licensed and certified professionals with years of agricultural and technical experience.


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